13 Jan 2014

Talked about keto on the radio and responded to a listener

I was asked to speak on the radio about the 50lbs I've lost over the past few years by eating low-carb, high-fat. Here's the interview and an email I sent someone who was looking for more info.
21 Oct 2013

Don’t throw out that broken mayonnaise

Ever try to make mayonnaise and fail miserably?  Broken mayonnaise is one of the most disappointing things in cooking, because it can happen to even the most experienced cooks. No matter how talented you are, if you
12 Oct 2013

Grain Brain: keep your brain fit by eating right

We know that eating grain-based foods, foods containing gluten, can wreak havoc on some people’s guts, but did you know those same foods can also cause problems for your brain? That’s what Dr. David Perlmutter postulates in
23 Sep 2013

Oopsie crust low carb pizza

Miss pizza on your low carb diet? Don't despair, oopsie crust is here. It's easy to make and come very close to tasting like thin-crust pizza. Give it a try
20 Sep 2013

Super easy pepperoni chips

These have got to be the absolute easiest low carb chip substitute on the planet. Pepperoni chips. Ready to eat in 15 minutes and they're dippable.
17 Sep 2013

Sardines with avocado

Here’s a quick and dirty lunch recipe. Avocado with sardines. I had a half of an avocado that needed to get used before it got too brown, so I said “why not?” Health benefits: Sardines: high in EPA
16 Sep 2013

This week’s meal plan

I’ve given up planning the week ahead, day by day and now I just make a bunch of meals in advance, freeze them and take them out based on what we feel like that day. Here’s what
15 Sep 2013

How much protein should I eat on a low carb diet?

Many people mistakenly assume that a low carb or ketogenic diet is a high protein diet. It can be, but it doesn't have to be, nor should it be.
14 Sep 2013

Why is fish considered brain food?

Salmon is brain food. It is very high in the important kinds of Omega 3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA. To improve your brain here are some things you can do starting right now
14 Sep 2013

Almond coconut fat bombs recipe

Fat bombs are a great way to increase the amount of fat in your diet, plus they’re a nice sweet, filling snack. A fat bomb is just a tiny package of tasty fat, usually sweet. I tend to